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Welcome To Keratox

Keratox a Lithuanian brand marketed by “ UAB “Globactivas a EU based company with the most advance hair botox & keratin treatment smooths & straightens the hair with amino acids & cosmeceuticals blends .
Keratox is much more than just a name. It's a brand with a promise. A promise that your hair needs will be fulfilled. Keratox invests heavily in research and development to continually advance the science of hair to deliver new and innovative products. Whatever your desires may be, Keratox is the experience your hair needs with Cosmeceutical blends . It’s the first professional salon brand which help delivers a medicated solution for the detoxification of the scalp.

About Keratox

Keratox began with our vision and our values. From the start we've been the leader in 'the science of hair'. The concept is very simple; develop and deliver new and creative ideas to a global marketplace .Keratox is the first company to harness the beauty benefits of Cosmeceutical .
Keratox has numerous trainers and educators in the field who work with the distribution partners to ensure that every salon professional using Keratox hair care line of products is certified and fully understands the benefits for their clients.
Keratox is a developer, innovator, marketer and global distributor of the most advanced professional hair care products. Keratox products are used and recommended by top hair professionals in the finest salons throughout the world.